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Finfine Furniture factory (3F) is established in 1959 E.C. and the company has historic existence. It's been almost five decades since its establishment. The company is playing a critical role in the development of the furniture industry by manufacturing and inventing new design furniture and spring mattress. The company is owned by an Ethiopian investor and creates job opportunity for more than 400 permanent and temporary workers. 3F furniture is one of the best destinations to purchase quality product of the most reasonable price, with the range of variety of furnitures available in our catalogs and others. we are the best furniture manufacturer of custom-made product to our clients across the country.

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Our Values

- We devote ourselves to achieve better results by using limited resources.- Creativity and effectiveness are our most desired targets.- Our existence is base on our satisfied customers.- Continual learning is the root cause of our effectiveness in quality.- For change is absolute we stand for it.- Supplying quality products at a reasonable price accompanied by excellent customer service and punctuality are our motto.

Our Mission

- To create value for our customer through reliablity, flexiblity, integrity & speed.- To create a culture that values & supports employee engamgment, encourages pesonal development and faster team collaboration.- To be committed to our global responsibility of enviromental care by manufacturing product that meet our standard of sustainablity.

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Managment Team

Genet Sahilu (Mrs.)

General manager

Sirak Tesfaye (Mr.)

Dep. General manager

Demelash Shimelis (Mr.)

Marketing manager

Abel Getachew (Mr.)

Procurement Division Manager